MIDWAY BAPTIST CHURCH of Babatngon, Leyte, Philippines is the first church planted by Tony and Ypille Tirse.

It began as an in-home Bible study just outside of town proper in September of 2014. After several people received the Lord Jesus and some were baptized, they began to have regular Sunday services in one of the member's home in October 2014. Since then several dozen have professed to have received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and have followed through in obedience with scriptural baptism. Having met in this home for over two years and outgrowing the space, MBC rented and began to meet in a commercial space in December 2016 in town proper, just a few doors down from the Municipal Building and Mayor's Office.

In January 2017 they took on their first regularly supported missionary, a domestic missionary to the town of Barugo, two towns away from Babatngon. The church continues to grow and has had an increased presence in the town of Babatngon, along with an increase in its soul winning outreach. Each week the church's ministry vehicle goes out and picks up members from several areas, some as far as 30 minutes away.

The town of Babatngon is a small, rural fishing town located in the northeast most section of the island of Leyte. It has, however, seen quite a bit of growth over just the past few years. 2010 census information placed the population at just under 25,000. But 2015 census information shows this number has increased to almost 30,000 in just five years! This is due to several factors: A) Babatngon has been a resettlement area for hundreds of displaced families from super typhoon Yolanda in 2013; B) An off-shoot of the National Highway system has been created between the major cities of Ormoc and Tacloban, which passes right in front of the entrance to the town; C) A large port and fuel depot was constructed outside Babatngon town proper in 2015 and a separate port in town proper is currently being enlarged and expanded to service fishing and passengers.

Midway Baptist Church is currently situated on San Antonio Street, where there is also a Seventh-Day Adventist church, a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall, and an Iglesia ni Cristo (Philippine originated Church of Christ). Just around the corner in one direction is the town's large Catholic church, and just around the corner in the other direction is a charismatic non-denominational ministry. Just outside of town is a United Church of Christ Philippines, a sister ministry to the United Church of Christ USA. All of these have a different, false doctrine and are competing with each other for membership.

Midway Baptist Church is only interested in reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ and discipling its members on sound Bible doctrine.

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